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NC Rubber Cutting Machine Automatic

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Product Description:

NC Rubber Cutting Machine Automatic weighing + Automatic Compensation + Weight Test Selection

Major Features:

The new generation of rubber cutting machines is powerful, 2 Ways of Working Control, Length control and Weight Control, Double-system free switching. Outside the control system with cut-off length, It also has a weight control system.Can Be automatically weighed online, the cutting process on-line detection of weight, The weight corresponds to the automatic sorting to the finished basket , the weight does not conform to the automatic sorting to unqualified basket. When the weight does not accord with the condition, the machine on-line automatic operation compensates the weight difference (the weight difference can set the range automatically according to oneself request) avoids the waste of the Glue and the trouble of the back-channle molding, The real process of cutting is unguarded, the artificial cost is saved and the intelligent automation is realized.

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