Automatic Rubber Deflashing Machine


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Automatic Rubber Deflashing Machine

Technical Parameters:

10-22 mold / min




1930 * 670 * 1330mm



Product Description:

Automatic Rubber Deflashing Machine operational principle

Automatic rubber deflashing machine uses the principle of aerodynamic & centrifugal force to deflash rubber products, can be applied for silicone rubber, natural rubber, fluorine rubber or miscellaneous pieces made after compression process in shape of O-ring, rubber plug, rubber grains, Y-ring, gasket, or any solid irregular-shaped parts with Φ2~150mm. Automatic rubber deflashing machines's high quality & efficiency together perfectly replace traditional manual deflashing works.

Product Features:

1. The equipment use imported PLC programming controller to adjust parameter through touch screen, can keep memories of various production data, & precisely control deflashing speed & time. The operation is simple, intelligent, with low noise, & greatly reducing operation labor. The process of material-in & material-out are strictly connected, with no need to restart machine, realizing continuous automatic operation.

2. Power friendly (≤5kwh) to reduce cost. After deflashing, there's no distort, damage, flash, or dirt. There's no need to change machine itself to fit different products.

3. Save time with high production efficiency, combined with vibrant separating machine to ensure continual automatic operation. One machine at least match 30 labors.

4. Automatically spray lubricant (emulsion silicone / detergent with water) to keep products' gloss during deflashing process.

5. Manual or automatic mode changeable to get faster and more convenient production.

6. Security sensor installed to ensure safe operation.


Related Technical Parameters:

             Power: 5.5kw

             Dimensions: 1930 * 670 * 1330mm

             Weight: 360kg

             Production efficiency: 10-22 mold / min

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